February 9, 2018 Bazz...R

Bazz…R & M&M fashion bites Beautiful MariaI have to admit I have a collection…

Bazz…R & M&M fashion bites 💕🌸 Beautiful Maria

I have to admit I have a collection of many beanies! This cute hand knitted one from a Greek brand Plexida (www.instagram.com/plexidaknitwear) it’s pretty new! The great part is that you can select between 31 different colors and pick your favorite one! Find more hand knitted and crocheted with care pieces here : www.etsy.com/shop/Plexida
Not only my beanie it’s new, but also this clutch from Flowee Designs (www.instagram.com/floweedesigns) inspired by the amazing Frida Kahlo and Spanish paintings. All products are crafted by hand and can be found here : www.etsy.com/shop/FloweeDesigns
#Sweater : Bazz-R – Επώνυμα Stock Ρούχα
#mmfashionbites #mariavidrasco #plexidaknitwear #beanie #floweedesigns #clutch


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